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Autism Treatment – Respen-A and Autism

Posted on 13 December 2010 by admin

As I mentioned before in the previous video, I have been using Respen-A therapy in autism treatment for approximately a year. As I mentioned this video is being recorded in October 2010 and I will continue to use this treatment in my practice because I have found it to be very helpful for kids on the Autism spectrum. Like any autism treatment, it is not a panacea, it is not a magic pill, it is not a cure but it is helpful for a good portion of kids a good upwards of 70% maybe even 80% seem to respond quite positively to this treatment.

I have had a few kids in autism treatment who didn’t respond and I have had some kids who reacted negatively to it. It is nothing serious, it usually has to do with irritability, sometimes becoming emotional, hyperactivity, sometimes this is to be expected with any type of new treatment. There really hasn’t been anything negative more than what we’ve seen sometimes with other treatments. No treatment is 100% side effect free but in general biomedical treatments whether you are talking about diet, supplements, Respen-A, B-12 are well tolerated by the vast majority of kids, are not toxic and are not dangerous in autism treatment.

Better Understanding of Respen-A Videos for Autism Treatment

Now just to set the record straight, I am talking to you through these videos as a physician who has been working in the Autism community now for well over a decade. I have done many, many different types of autism treatments and have been around for quite some time and quite experienced with biomedical intervention. I do not receive any financial compensation on Respen-A, I have no financial interest in Respen-A, the people involved in Respen-A haven’t asked me to do these videos. Because I do these videos as an educational format, not only through the blog site, but also posted on YouTube and Vimeo and other video outlets on the internet, this is a way for me to give back to the Autism community just so that you as a parent can get a better understanding of what some of these treatments are about, particularly Respen-A in this case, and hopefully dispel some of the negative press that this treatment has gotten. Because in most respects here I do really feel it is unwarranted and it really has to do with I think people just don’t understand what this treatment does and what it’s about and really understand how it works. So we’ll just move forward at that point but I just wanted to make it clear that I have no vested financial interest, I am not getting commissions or kick backs or any sort of that with respects to me discussing or using this treatment in my practice.

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