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Biomedical Autism Treatment – Biomedical Education and Autism Seminars on Demand

Posted on 05 September 2012 by admin

I wanted to make everyone aware that my previous webinars, particularly webinars that have dealt with Methyl B-12 therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, supplement therapy, yeast, biofilms, cerebral folate deficiency, brain inflammation, understanding brain regions and Autism and a host of other topics are now available for immediate viewing at a new website called Autism Seminars on Demand (www.AutismSeminarsOnDemand.com). What we did is we went back and re-recorded these presentations in their entirety with professional audio and synchronized them with the presentation slides. Many of them an hour, an hour and fifteen to an hour and a half long, packed full of information. These are immediately available for viewing on Autism Seminars on Demand (www.AutismSeminarsOnDemand.com). You can also have access as a downloadable file, the actual slide presentations from my previous webinars. So if you are looking to further your knowledge with respects to biomedical intervention to help your child, to help your grandchild, a family member or a friend, it is a great place to access this information. Again that is www.AutismSeminarsOnDemand.com.

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Biomedical Autism Treatment – Take Supplements With Caution

Posted on 04 September 2012 by admin

If you are about to start supplements with your child who is on the Autism spectrum, take my word of advice, don’t start everything at once. If you’ve got a list of supplements from your doctor, whether it is 3 items, 5, 10, my recommendation and my clinical experience in years of practice is start one thing at a time, particularly in the beginning of any type of biomedical program. And the reason is, many kids on the Autism spectrum are very, very sensitive, physically, mentally, emotionally to therapy. If you start everything at one time you’re not necessarily going to know what is working or what may be causing a problem. Not that we’re talking about serious side effects from supplement therapy but you want to be able to know how well they’re adjusting, how well they are progressing to a particular therapy.

Now what is going to happen over time is your kids are going to be on multiple things. They are going to be doing dietary intervention, they will be on supplement therapy, maybe they’re treating for yeast, maybe you’re doing Methyl B-12, whatever it may be. But in the beginning I always try to isolate down and start one thing at a time. B-12 for example, Methyl B-12 injections is a perfect example of this. We would like to start this for at least 5 to 6 weeks, ideally 6 weeks, without starting any other therapy. If I am going to start supplements and I have 5 or 6 things, I will typically tell the parent and give them a list of where I want them to start and they start at the top of the list and work our way down. Typically introducing a new supplement every 1 to 2 days because I want to know and I want them to give me feedback on positive changes as well as negative changes. I also have parents get a little notebook calendar where they can mark down what day they started a therapy or a supplement and make a little note as to what they observed. So, again if you rush into it and you start too many things at once and your child has a negative reaction you’re not going to know did it. Be patient, start one thing at a time and you will have much greater success long term in doing supplement therapy and other biomedical therapies for your child.

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Autism Treatment – Respen-A, Calcium Supplementation and Autism Treatment

Posted on 17 January 2011 by admin

Autism Treatment – Reserpine and Respen-A Side Effects

A lot of people have asked about some of the side effects of Reserpine and Respen-a in biomedical autism treatment. Clearly with Reserpine, remember those studies that was done in autistic children in 1957 they were using three to seven milligrams, when the levels got too high, kids became irritable, they became cranky, many of them had excessive sleeping, dry mouth and started to develop actually symptoms of parkinsonism when the levels got way high; ten to twelve milligrams. In levels above what would typically for high blood pressure which is point five milligrams, so above point five milligrams there seems to be an increase association with depression. The reason that would be likely is that you’re stimulating MAO-A activity which is having a metabolic effect on serotonin so therefore you’re over time you’re depleting serotonin levels and if they’re not being replenished than clearly there can be a problem with respects to serotonin balance in the body and clearly there can be a problem leading to depression.

Most of the side effects of Respen and Reserpine seem to likely have to do with low blood calcium. Irritability, agitation, crankiness, within kids muscle aches, fatigue, these types of things which can be associated with low blood calcium. Matter of fact, it was the Respen-A people that really first determined that calcium needed to be taken with Respen-A to help counter some of these side effect issues which were commonly seen with Reserpine at higher dosages and honestly have been seen with Respen-A when kids are not getting enough calcium. One of the things that has come out as well in autism treatment is the use of calcium at a high dose for kids and individuals who are taking Respen-A, and this has been a concern for some doctors in the community. And honestly, I had some questioning about it early on when I first started using this therapy because the general recommendation is use 2,000 mg of calcium in the morning minimally thirty minutes prior to treatment upwards of forty five or sixty minutes before putting the Respen-A patch on to try to get the blood levels of calcium up because it is known that Reserpine can deplete blood calcium levels and this can lead again to some of the irritability, the agitation, the muscle aches, the twitching, and whatnot, the cramps that we have seen. And I have seen this with some kids who were taking this therapy as autism treatment when they weren’t getting enough calcium.

Calcium Supplementation as Autism Treatment

Now, you know that in autism treatment there always is a concern about the potential for too much calcium you’ll lead into calcium imbalances in the body. To date, through my practice, I have seen no issues whatsoever with an over absorption or an over abundance of calcium and this is through checking blood tests, looking at certain calcium levels etc. I have not seen a problem, nor has there been any reported to me from other physicians using this treatment. Nor the individuals at Respen-A have they reported any problems with taking this much calcium.

Now I have had a few kids who have a great intolerance to calcium and that’s a different story, but never have I not seen any blood evidence of it or physiological evidence of calcium toxicity through this therapy. It may have to do with the sure fact that the Respen is having a regulating effect over this calcium and keeping things in the more balanced fashion. So, that’s why the calcium issue in autism treatment has come up is because they had found that there’s a depleting effect on cellular calcium and the need to take calcium along with this therapy to prevent some of those common side effects of irritability, agitation, that can be found with calcium depletion.

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Autism Supplements & Vitamins – Syndion

Posted on 15 July 2010 by admin

If you are looking for a really great, well rounded, combination supplement, something that covers vitamins, something that covers minerals, something that covers antioxidants. I have seen very good success with a product that was actually created by Jim Adams. Jim Adams is a PhD researcher out of Arizona State University, been in the biomedical community for Autism for many, many years. It is called Syndion or Syndion SF. If you go to www.autismsupplementscenter.com you can look up Syndion and what you’ll see, it’s actually a liquid and it’s a wonderful product that is a combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You really cover three important supplement groups in one supplement.

So on the website as well there will be a dosing chart based on the child’s weight of how much to take. It is generally taken twice a day and can be mixed in a variety of different types juices. For some kids that need that sort of thing, if the taste doesn’t quite agree with them then you can mix it into different types of things. So if you have a child who has difficulty swallowing capsules or has some swallowing issues or sensitivity issues with respects to taste, Syndion is a great product. So again it covers vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are very important things that are commonly lacking in individuals on the Autism spectrum.

Whenever you implement a new supplement like this, some things that you are looking for as far as improvements may be better language, the child having better eye contact, looking like they are recognizing things in their environment more. Maybe there is better mood, more comprehension, there is a wide variety of things that are happening but it is usually helping in those major areas that we know are affected in Autism. And that is the socialization issue, the language/communication issue, the higher cognitive functioning, the attention, focusing and in some respects some of the self-stimulatory behavior and that stereotypical behavior. We can’t expect a particular supplement to do all things that we are looking for but you know as far as something to just help improve your child’s health and give them the nutrients they need this Syndion is an excellent place to start.

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