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Autism Treatment – Vocal Stimming, Amino Acids and Autism

Posted on 29 September 2010 by admin

There’s a lot of strange things that sometimes pop up in the autism treatment practice that you see with different types of patients. One of the things that I have seen, from time to time, with kids on the Autism spectrum is that some kids will have a vocal, what appears to be a vocal type of stim where they make the sound “eeeeeeee” or some other type of high pitched sound over and over and over continuously. And admittedly it tends to drive the people nuts, as a parent, as a caregiver, whatever it may be. So a lot of kids just can’t control it. We understand that but sometimes find it hard to find what’s causing it. What may be a reason that that’s happening?

I’ve seen some kids on autism treatment who did this type of behavior that when they started taking more customized amino acids and replacing various deficient amino acids, that behavior disappeared. So it kind of led me to feel that maybe this may be more common a way to approach this particular type of problem with kids on the spectrum. So if your child actually is making these high pitched vocal noises, is doing “eeeeeeeee” or something similar, then in my experience it would be worthwhile to have your doctor run an amino acid profile. You can either do a urine amino acid profile, I generally like to run a plasma amino acid profile fasting, and see where the deficiencies are. If there are deficiencies you can actually have a customized amino acid product produced from a compounding pharmacy, have your child take it, and in many cases you will see that symptom disappear. I have seen this in my practice and it leads me to believe it can certainly happen with other kids and other doctor offices as well.

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